Friday, March 29, 2013

Thurs night and Good Friday

Derek had a better night.  The oxygen came off and his pain pump is gone.  He is now relying on oral pain meds oxycodone and tylenol.  He's walked three times today and had a visitor from work.  The complication today was the swallow test that Occupational Therapy did bedside showed he needs a more thorough swallow study done in radiology which is still supposed to happen today according to the nurse, but I'm starting to wonder.  He cannot eat or drink anything until they get that done according to the hospitalist in order to be "safe".  He has been coughing after each swallow which can be a sign of aspiration.  I'm praying they don't mention a feeding tube.  I believe if given time, he will be able to eat enough again.  Coming out of surgery I don't know if the swallowing isn't working as well because of shortness of breath and pain or if he's a little nervous when trying to swallow, but pray for this to improve please.

Thank you and may the Lord and His suffering, death, and resurrection be remembered by each one of you this precious season.



  1. It was special to see Whitley and Laney in Eureka church on Good Friday. We remember you, and your kiddos daily with many prayers, and much love. Thank you for keeping us updated during the hard times, as well as the good.

  2. Remembering you this weekend as you are at Mayo's. I understand your hesitancy at a feeding tube but also realize they can be helpful and short term if needed to regain strength and throat muscle coordination. They are a much better option than risking aspiration pneumonia. I have had a family member be on one twice and each time go back to full oral meals. Praying for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. In His love, Beth S.