Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday update from Osf

Thanks everyone for holding us up in prayer.  I'm sitting up in the chair right now but it wasn't easy getting here.  I still have a lot of pain when I try to hold any weight on my left arm.  I've spent mostofmytime here laying in bed and trying to sleep between all the drs and visitors.  It sometimes hurts to talk so I'm not always real talkative but enjoy visitors anyway.

The pulmonologist is the main dr in charge of my care.  At least we found out today the Hawaii trip is off for now.  She said I have to wait 6 weeks before flying.  Leann and I are doing pretty good with this news since we are realizing this will be a bit of recovery and we didn't want to take a chance and end up in the hospital there.  They have been taking X-rays every day and my lung is expanded like it should be.  There is still though some air coming out of my lung which needs to seal off.  Sounds like the earliest the tube would come out is tomorrow morning.  I have to wait 24 hrs at least after the tube is out before i can come home.  Right now I feel pretty patient, just hoping my lung will seal up on its own.

The last week has been harder on me.  When you feel your body getting weaker, it's just hard.  The thing I'm learning is how hard it is to write or admit this during the struggle.  I want to wait till I've had a couple good days to update the blog.  It seems like its human nature to have a certain amount of pride and good news is easier to report than bad.

Even before being in the hospital, I've felt my left leg getting weaker.  I finished the oxygen therapy on tuesday this past week. It's hard to say if it helped.  At least the swallowing did not get any worse, and maybe improved a little on liquids.  My walking has been harder and I'm using the walker more.

But even with these challenges, I'm still trusting God.  It would never do any good to get bitter.  I just trust that God has some reason for letting all this happen.  He is still in control.  He knows the future. I can rest in that.  My cousin reminded me that the Bible says that the Son intercedes for us and also that the Spirit intercedes to the father for us.  So two parts of the three are pleading to the other on my (and your) behalf.  I don't know that I really thought directly about that much before,  but it is comforting.

As for prayer requests, please pray that my lung can seal up, that Leann and the kids can handle the extra stress, and that my attitude can be right and positive.

Thanks so much for all the help, love,and prayers.
Derek and Leann


  1. Brother Derek

    We can rest assured that God is in control and wishes the best for each of us. He has promised to never allow us to be tempted beyond that which we can endure.

    We have observed in our lives that through and following periods of struggle, clarity and understanding would follow.(as we sing "Sometime we'll understand ") and when this comes there is always a deep thankfulness and appreciation to God for allowing it.

    A personal view.In heaven we will know as we are known, and will converse with the saints of the how and the what God did in helping us get there.

    Love, Bro. Dan V

  2. Derek and Leann,

    We've been praying for you since we heard of your hospitalization last Saturday morning. We're thankful you're in good care.

    We pray for you to have vision and strength as you go through this difficulty.

    We love you,
    Kevin and Rachel

  3. Derek and Leann,

    We can't tell you how often we think of you and how very often we lift you up in prayer. Your strength through this is soo encouraging. We pray you have continued peace as you deal with each new day.

    We love you all!
    Rick & Michelle Kaisner