Friday, March 15, 2013

Talc is in

The talc slurry was placed in the chest tube at 10:40a this morning.  Derek felt some achy pain, so he was given fentanyl through his IV for that.  He is resting comfortably now on his back. The schedule that follows goes like this...

11:10a. Move to left side
11:40a. Move to right side
12:10p. Up to chair, receive Motrin and norco for pain
12:40p. Take a short walk and then hook up suction for next 24 hrs.

Saturday at 12:45p unhook suction

Get 2 chest x-rays at different points to see how it's working.  If it looks good, pull tube out and monitor for a few hours.  Then, go home.  I expect we might get home Sunday if everything goes well.  A little 10th anniversary party is planned for us here at the hospital at 4p Saturday which we are looking forward to.  We hope you all have a nice weekend!  Our children sing in the church Easter program Sunday night, so they are looking forward to that.

Love to all,


  1. Been gone for a few days so was behind on your story. So sorry for setback. At this time you should be hooked back to suction for 24 hrs. Praying for patience and no discomfort as you allow the talc to work. Will be lifting you in thought and prayer for Mayo appt. Beth S.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you, our dear friends. We are thankful that the Lord brought you together 10 years ago(a perfect match)! He is continuing to keep you in His care. Love in Christ, Kevin and Rachel