Thursday, March 28, 2013

Details of Wed night and Thurs

Wednesday night Derek slept pretty good, but woke to push the pain pump a few times.  I arrived a little after 7a today (Thursday) and he was battling pain, but soon was "caught up" again.  He ate oatmeal and chopped pears and some juices.  He walked for the first time around 10am and did probably 30 feet with a walker thing called a podium which he could lean on for support and have all the tubes connected to the appropriate things on it (suction, oxygen, catheter). He felt good after that walk, pain-free for a time, and read a magazine.  He walked again an hour later about double the distance and wanted to work on the laptop, but by the time mom went and got it at the guesthouse and got back he never did get to working.  By the time we ordered lunch, he was showing signs of being really worn out and after the food arrived he didn't end up eating it.  The respiratory therapist had come in and seen him take a drink and cough right after the drink.  This concerned her that he might be aspirating which they don't want any of that. So, a swallow test is ordered for Friday morning and he was told not to eat or drink until that test.

The catheter came out, but he's not able to void, so it might be going back in.  They've upped IV fluids to see if that helps.  His mouth is really dry and we have to swab and sip water.  His third walk was shorter and he was in pain on the right side where the tube is.  He took an afternoon nap.  This evening, they were able to get us moved to a private room which I really like, so I'm staying the night.  He did want to check email around's always a good sign that he's feeling ok when he wants to work a little.

Mom and I went for a long walk and ate pannekoeken for dinner while they walked Derek a 4th time and moved him.  He was able to talk on the phone to the kids today and to Doug.  It's about 9:30pm here and he's not quite ready for lights out.  It sounds like we might have a visitor tomorrow and more on Saturday which will be nice.  My parents are bringing Lexi up with them this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to hugging her.

Derek had Mennonite singers come by Wednesday evening and he requested When All Of God's Singers Get Home.  It's a beautiful song.

Have a good night everyone,


  1. We continue to pray for you guys every day and often throughout the day. Your testimony of faith is amazing and God is being glorified in and through you all. We love you.
    Ron & Jane Schmidgall

  2. Thinking of you so much, praying often. "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him," Job 13:15. We love you.