Sunday, March 10, 2013


We got home Saturday afternoon. The Fri afternoon and Sat morning xrays looked good, so they let me go. We are just praying now that I can recover my strength and nothing with the lung goes backwards.

Today the kids went to church without Leann and I.  Thanks to everyone who watched them today.  We are hoping for a relaxing evening together as a family.  I think we will have a few visitors tonight.

Thanks everyone for your prayers through all of this.  It really helped.  I could tell I was not as discouraged as I would have been otherwise.

Derek & Leann

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  1. Derek and LeAnn - I have a few minutes tonight to think a bit about all you have been through the past few weeks (and of course months). As you know we've been quite busy with my traveling and Sheila's wedding mixed in, so my apologies for not writing lately

    Sunday I did a lesson on the 10 Commandments from a "then" and "now" perspective - looking at a New Testament scripture that related to each one of the old testament commandments. The remarkable thing is that in every case, Jesus took us to a much higher - generally positive level. For example - from, thou shalt not kill.... to Love your neighbor as yourself, if he needs something, give him twice as much, etc etc. It's incredible how positive Jesus was in spite of nearly continuous tremendous trial in His life - one after another, after another. It is so inspiring!!

    So - as you work through your trials - one after another, after another - think of Jesus. Think of His words, think of His actions, think of His thoughts and intents. They were so positive, how can we help but be appreciative, built up, and moved in a positive direction, both mind and body!

    With my warmest love and affection, and my deepest concern,
    In Jesus: