Saturday, March 23, 2013

Home update

Things are going pretty well at home. It's good to have the kids home with us for a couple days before we head to Mayo for MRI scans.  Lainey grew up so much in the last 3 weeks.  She's sitting up a bunch more and almost ready to crawl.  We hope to go to church tomorrow at least in the morning and make it to Stoller Easter in the evening.  Monday - Wednesday we plan to go back to Mayo's for regular followup scans and meeting with the oncologist there.  Our plan is to drive up Monday morning and back Wed night.

We've got a home health nurse coming to check on me every couple days while the chest tube is in.  It has sounded quieter (less air leaking) but Leann thought she heard a lotof air moving when I coughed this morning.  I go back to the lung doctor on April 1, and have an xray to take a couple days before that.  The air leak needs to totally stop before they pull the tube.

Derek & Leann

A couple pics from last week's anniversary celebration:

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  1. It was was so good to see you in church today! We'll pray for your upcoming trip.