Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two weeks flew by!

Sorry it's been two weeks since I last wrote.  I guess I now know what the retired people mean when they say they are busier than ever once they aren't going to work every day!

The weekend in Eureka was really nice, but it was also really hard to come back to Indiana.  We caught up with a few people while home, and I went into work for 1/2 a day.  It was a really emotional time for me for some reason. Saturday night as we were singing with the Stoller family, I just started bawling again like I did the first few weeks.  Not sure why it hit me again, but I have been more emotional the last couple weeks.  Sunday night as we drove back it was sort of sad to think about spending 5 more weeks out here.  Once we got back though, things have been going fine.

Last weekend Doug & Brooke and their family was here.  We spend Saturday on a pontoon boat on Lake Monroe and the kids had a really fun time riding the tube behind the boat.  This week has been more busy again.  We had a visitor Monday, another is coming tonight/Friday, and then another family on Fri/Sat.  It's been really nice too since the weather cooled down and it's easier to go on a walk or bike ride.  I've riden my bike a few mornings now so that's another new achievement.

Two weeks ago it was a really rough week as far as my nausea goes.  Now this week has been much better.  My schedule has change to where I am going for treatments around supper time.  The college students moved back yesterday so the 15 min trip turned into 35 to get to my treatment.

We appreciate your continued prayers.  Pray that the nausea doesn't get me too down.  There have been days where I've been somewhat discouraged.  I'm also worried about the adjustment to life back home, but that's 3 weeks away and I haven't found the verse saying to pray 3 weeks ahead, so you can save those prayers for later.

Derek & Leann

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Half Done!

With today’s treatment, I have 18 out of 35 treatments completed, so now I’m halfway done!  We are looking forward to a long weekend in Eureka as the treatment center is closed Friday for maintenance.  So I had my treatment at 10 this morning and now we are driving home.

In general I am feeling pretty good.  I had a little more nausea this week but I was only taking one pill a day, so I’ll up it to 2 a day next week.  I have had very few headaches the last week so that helps a bunch.  I think my hair is finished falling out.  It only took a few days for it to come out and then it stopped.  I was surprised by how large the area is.  It’s not very visible from the front but on the right side it covers the lower side of my head behind my ear.  There were a few days where I was kind of discouraged about it, but I’m getting used to it now.  When I see someone in public with a more serious handicap, I’m reminded that looking a little funny with some missing hair is really not anything to complain about.

We were blessed with quite a few visitors since last week’s update.  We are keeping busy so the time is really flying by quickly.  I’ve been worrying some about trying to adjust back to “normal” life when we get home.  I know everyone will be patient with me, but I’m finding that multi-tasking doesn’t work at all.  When things are panicked around the house, it really gets to me quickly and I immediately get a headache and have to lay down.  I’m hoping this is only temporary as my normal work and home routines are ones that can be hectic.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.  We continued to be overwhelmed by the cards and the love shown us by the Indy congregation during our stay here.
Derek & Leann, Lexi, Wesley, & Whitley

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hair falling out

I’m in a lot better mood this time than I was when I wrote the last update.  The anti-nausea medicine seems to be working.  I’m not perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was late last week.  The headaches have been much better in the last week and I’ve quit taking ibuprofen/Tylenol every morning.  Now I take it just when I get a headache.  So overall I’m feeling a lot better this week.  I just noticed yesterday when rubbing my head that I had loose hair on my fingers.  Now you can see that below and in front of the incision my hair is very thin and almost gone.  It should be just a small area around and behind my ear, but it will be permanent.

The treatments have not been going as smooth schedule-wise as they were at the beginning.  On Monday the machine broke down 2/3 of the way through my treatment, so I had to wait around, go eat supper and come back, etc.  They finally got it fixed 5 hours later.  They are typically running about ½ hour behind now, where at first they were usually early.  But it’s not a big deal.  I just got to listen to every pundit under the sun explain what they thought would happen with the debt ceiling deal in congress.

The kids have been in Illinois since last Friday and came back Wednesday.  They got to spend some time with each set of grandparents and cousins.  Leann and I had more “date” time than we’ve had in years, and enjoyed the break.  Whitley was not feeling well while in Illinois and is getting her 2 year molars.  Plus she has a bunch of cancer sores in her mouth.  She’s started eating again the last couple days so that’s a good thing.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors while we are here.  We appreciate the continued prayers and support we have been feeling even while out here in Indiana.

Derek & Leann