Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Update

The good news first.  I don't know how to explain it than your prayers.  My eating is getting better.  During August I was down to a couple bites once or twice a week.  I would go several days without eating or drinking.  Now I am drinking about 6-10 oz per day and eating dry salty snacks, spicy meats, soft fruits & veggies.  It's fun again.  The amounts are still small and I get my nutrition and fluids through the feeding tube still.  But it is good to eat a brat or part of a turkey burger and clean my mouth a bit.

The bad news is on a couple fronts.  I am having a harder time walking.  I am still using a walker but it's harder and I depend on it more.  The other thing is that the last week or so I have had almost constant headaches.  Ibuprofen and tylenol with a little narcotics is taking care of it but its more often than just weird occasions like it was in August.  My neck hurts more often too.

Overall, just pray for the headaches first and walking second.  I can do without eating if I have to but I credit your prayers.  I know that there is great power in the prayers of so many.  Because I feel more symptoms, I more often have down days.  I'm still smiling as much as I can, but it's getting harder.

Derek & Leann