Saturday, March 2, 2013

ER and admission to OSF

It's morning Derek had a coughing spell and his left lung partially collapsed.  He had shortness of breath, and we came to OSF ER where we've had exceptional treatment including a procedure to put in a chest tube to get the air out and the lung has re-inflated.  The leak appears to have sealed again.  He is at risk for this happening again, and the real problem come Monday will be determining why he has had this persistent cough for a month. The lungs show some nodules, very small, but new in the last year.  We have a PET scan coming up at Mayo the end of March.  it may have to be made earlier.  Our Hawaii trip, I would say, is in limbo... We were supposed to fly the 10th for 10 nights.  Pray for healing, no more lung collapsing, and calm for Derek.  Love you all.  Leann


  1. Praying for your family !!!
    Ben, Steph and girls

  2. So sorry to hear the news. We will continue to keep you in our prayers in the next several days especially and always! Thanks for keeping us updated. May you feel God with you in a special way this weekend.
    our love
    Dave and Kara and family

  3. We pray for you all, and hope you can feel a calm through the storm. -Paul & Betsy

  4. Praying for His nearness this week as you possibly receive new information regarding the latest backset. Were with other Congerville brethren last evening and want to convey their love and concern as we shared the news last night. Love in His name. Beth Steffen