Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surgery Day recap

We checked in at 5:45am and last saw Derek around 6:30 I think.  The actual incision was made around 9:30am.  About 4:30p is when they told us they were closing up Derek and putting in the spinal drain, and around 5p he went to recovery.  Then, we saw him at 7p once he was brought up to ICU.  He talked with us, moved his limbs for the nurse, and even brushed his teeth.  We left him in good care there which makes me feel good.

The doctors said surgery went as expected.  They closed off the right ear, as they found the tumor quite infiltrated in that area.  This did not surprise us.  Then, they got as close as they thought they should to the facial nerve, but left some residual tumor there so not to disturb it.  They will recommend radiation to hopefully irradicate the residual tumor beginning in about a month, but we do not have the details yet.

We read Psalm 91, and continue to pray for the Lord's compassion and trust in His promises.
Thank you for your encouragement and for praying for us during this time.  How overwhelming it is to be the recipient of all of your love.


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