Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home from Indiana

Things went well the last two days.  The MRI last night only took an hour and a half instead of the 3 hours they predicted.  Then this morning I was fitted for the treatment.  The first item was a plastic bag they filled with expanding foam and I laid in it while it cured.  This will hold my shoulders, neck, head, etc in the right position.  Then they made this plastic mask that is a hard plastic mesh.  They heated it up in hot water, then draped it over my head as I laid on the table.  It felt like hot wet noodles until it cured.  I can breath through it, but the way it is strapped down to the table, it is hard to move at all, which is a good thing.

Then we went and got the lease all set up for our apartment.  It is in town, about 10 minutes from the treatment center.  Two bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, and a deck.  It will be more than sufficient for 7 weeks, but I'm sure we'll be glad to get back home when it is finished.  The complex has a swimming pool not far away, and a couple fishing ponds that I'm sure Wesley will try to empty before the summer is out.

We are really thankful for the improvement in the last couple of days.  My walking has sped up quite a bit, and I even ate my lunch in the same time as Leann today.  My face still has a ways to go but I'm noticing improvement in my eyebrow and eye the last couple days, and swallowing is going significantly better.  Thanks everyone for your prayers.  Went to the mailbox when we got home this afternoon and once again we were overwhelmed by the support and generosity we have been shown.

One thought Leann and I have had many times over the last weeks I will share with you.  My situation is not necessarily an easy one, and there may be very difficult times ahead.  But yet when we read God's word, and when we hear of the situations many others are in, we realize that we have it pretty well.  David had enemies.  Many here in life have real enemies and are in tribulation that is more than just their health.  I have no enemies.  All of you are supporting us in prayer, and we don't face true physical affliction.  I count it a true blessing that we feel nothing but support and love from our church family and all those around us.

Thanks again,
Derek & Leann

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  1. Derek and Leann,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you are in this journey. We are thankful most of all that Jesus is with you.
    Uncle Bruce and Aunt Becky