Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday morning

Derek took his first walk to the hall and back.  The only tube left in is the spinal drain which they have to remove 10cc every 2 hours to keep pressure off his brain.  He's sitting in the chair this morning, ate yogurt and scrambled eggs.  Swallowing is difficult with toast.  His abdomen hurts if he coughs, as there was some fat removed from there and used as a patch in the area in his head where tumor was removed.

The bandage is off of his head, and his incision has no drainage or swelling.  It's in a C shape around his right ear, maybe 4 inches long or so.  They shaved the area right around it.

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  1. Your three sweet stories were so touching that I was moved to tears. Your children are precious. What a blessing! I continue to remember you daily in prayer. Pleased to hear of Derek's progress. Happy birthday to Leann. Love you all,
    Aunt Helen