Monday, June 13, 2011

Leaving in the morning

Thanks all for your prayers and support over the last days.  It was really humbling to be in church Sunday and meet everyone.  We can truly feel the prayers and support and appreciate it very much.

I felt better today than I have in recent days.  I was still dizzy a few times this morning but as the day went on I am feeling more normal and my face is a lot closer to normal now.  I still have the ringing in my ear and a little pain to remind me that the tumor is still there.

The kids are with Mom & Dad Stoller.  They will bring them up later in the week, hopefully Friday.

Leann and I as well as Mom & Dad Sauder are leaving first thing in the morning.  I have blood work at 12:30, then meet with Dr Driscoll one last time late in the day.  We'll know the exact surgery time for Wednesday as of 8:15 Tuesday night.  We'll try to post an update then.

Thanks again,
Derek & Leann

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