Friday, June 17, 2011

Correction to surgery re-cap / Radiation schedule

In my surgery day re-cap post, I said the doctors left residual tumor on the facial nerve to preserve it.  In follow-up questioning, my understanding is that they did not knowingly leave any that could be seen.  In fact, they said they did a very aggressive surgery.  The doctors said they got 100% of what they saw of the tumor.  They believe there are still some tumor cells in there, nonetheless, that they could not see.  That is why they recommend radiation.  It will be fractionated radiation.  We are not certain where we will travel to receive this treatment yet, but we are leaning towards treatment in a place other than the Peoria area.  The radiation will start in approximately 4 weeks and continue for about 6 weeks with a daily treatment M-F.

Derek's face is quite affected by the surgery.  He has trouble chewing, swallowing, and smiling.  Also, his right eye does not close on its own, so there are re-wetting drops, a nighttime bubble to wear over the eye, and purposely closing the eye with his hand that need to be done until God heals this.  These seem like small inconveniences in the grand scheme of things, but I am still praying for each little improvement.  The doctors are hopeful this will improve, but it may take months.

Today is my birthday, and it is Father's Day weekend. What a great gift to Derek & I to have the kids arrive and my dad and mom.  So thankful to be re-united for the weekend.  God bless you all for continuing to keep us in your prayers.  We are humbled by all the expressions of love.


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  1. Considering he just had brain surgery, I thought he looked fantastic =). Big hug, Beth