Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ready to be done!

It's been a good week since I last wrote in many ways.  We've had lots going on and been to McCormick's Creek State Park a couple times.  But I'm feeling a lot worse physically.  The naseau has been a lot worse this week.  Monday and Tuesday night I felt pretty sick and didn't feel like eating.  Wednesday was a little better but now my ear is getting so sunburned it is really starting to hurt.  Behind my ear in the crease where my ear meets my head it got really dry and the skin flaked off and now it's pretty painful.  I'm ready now for all this to be over so my body can start to heal from the radiation.  Only 8 more treatments after this morning (I go at 8 am today).

Tuesday night we drove back to Illinois and then yesterday we were able to go to the Farm Progress show in Decatur.  I wore my fishing cap and sunglasses and got along pretty good.  It was great to see a lot of my co-workers again and get my mind off of my treatments and think about work for a while.

My treatment last night started some different radiation fields.  They had been treating 3 fields previously and now it is just 2 which are coming at different directions.  One is straight down from the top of my head, and the other straight in the back.  I'm hoping that maybe my ear will take a little less direct hit from now on.  This also means my schedule will change again, and now it won't be supper time treatments but rather earlier in the day again.  I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend to recuperate a little more.

Please pray that my nauseau would subside, and that my ear can heal.

Derek & Leann

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  1. Dear ones,

    We continue to lift you up in prayer often.

    The nurse (and bossy woman :) ) in me wants to make sure that you are being enough of a complainer to the staff about your nausea and ear. There are lots of different nausea medications out there--it may be that you can find something that will help. Many people are hesitant to complain and so they don't get help with their symptoms. Also, if I remember right, it is best to really lube up that radiation area--I forget what creams are best, but you are probably already doing that. Forgive me for being bossy, but we care about you!
    Carrie Ito