Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pause in Treatments

So, bad news this afternoon in meeting with Dr McDonald.  He wasn't really convinced that it is an infection, and thinks it might rather be an allergic reaction.  Either way, he wants to put my treatments on hold till my skin can heal.  He's hoping that a week will do it and then we can continue.  I have an appointment at the wound center here in Bloomington tomorrow afternoon at 2.  If they can get this to heal, then perhaps I could do my 5 last treatments next week.  Originally next Tuesday was to be the last day, so if I can really start again on Monday, I could still be homme by the end of next week. At this point I am starting to loose confidence in the doctors at the therapy center.  I'm hopeful that the wound center can explain better what is happening with the rash, swelling, oozing, etc.

So, pray that we can get some clear direction tomorrow at the wound center and that my ear could heal so the treatments could continue.  I really want to just get them over with so we can come home!

Thanks everyone for the cards, prayers, & support.

Derek & Leann


  1. I'm so sorry, Derek! I know how disappointing this must be, not to mention the pain. We're praying!
    P.S. Sutton says 'hi' to Lexi :)

  2. We are very sorry to hear this. We will continue to pray.

    Jim & Rachel