Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Skin Infection

Quite a weekend!  We had a lot of social plans, and my ear continued to get worse.  Friday night we were at Bollier's for dinner and stayed overnight.  Saturday we had Wagenbach's coming out to see us and we were staying at a motel in Indy.  We ended up scrapping the hiking plans because Saturday was hot and sunny, which were both really bad for my ear.  I was putting silver creme on it regularly but it kept getting worse.  The side of my face started swelling and a rash was spreading.  By Sunday I realized I couldn't go to church with it looking that bad so I stayed at the motel.  After church Leann got me some non-stick gauze and a bunch of supplies so we could wrap my head up like a mummy.  With it bandaged up, it kept me from having to daub the drips every couple minutes and kept everyone else from having to look at it.  So we were able to go to Schroeder's on Sunday night, the children's museum on Monday, and Ackerman's on Monday night.  It was a lot of activity, but way better than sitting around our apartment the whole time.

This morning when I got up, the side of my face was swollen worse, and my eye was starting to swell shut.  Plus my left ear (the good one) had a rash and was starting to swell up.  Luckily my treatment appointment was early this morning so I've already been there and saw one of the other doctors.  He prescribed an anti-biotic and thinks I have a skin infection.  I'm supposed to go back this afternoon and see my regular doctor at the therapy center.  With my face swollen, it was pretty tough for them to get the mask on and strapped down, but they finally got it.  So, now I'm down to only 5! more treatments!!.  If you can't tell, I am ready to be done with this and the whole family is counting down the days now.

This could be a whole lot worse though, at least I'm still able to be active to some extent and the pain is not more than I can bear.  Thanks for continuing to pray for us, and specifically that this skin issue would heal.

Derek & Leann

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