Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two weeks flew by!

Sorry it's been two weeks since I last wrote.  I guess I now know what the retired people mean when they say they are busier than ever once they aren't going to work every day!

The weekend in Eureka was really nice, but it was also really hard to come back to Indiana.  We caught up with a few people while home, and I went into work for 1/2 a day.  It was a really emotional time for me for some reason. Saturday night as we were singing with the Stoller family, I just started bawling again like I did the first few weeks.  Not sure why it hit me again, but I have been more emotional the last couple weeks.  Sunday night as we drove back it was sort of sad to think about spending 5 more weeks out here.  Once we got back though, things have been going fine.

Last weekend Doug & Brooke and their family was here.  We spend Saturday on a pontoon boat on Lake Monroe and the kids had a really fun time riding the tube behind the boat.  This week has been more busy again.  We had a visitor Monday, another is coming tonight/Friday, and then another family on Fri/Sat.  It's been really nice too since the weather cooled down and it's easier to go on a walk or bike ride.  I've riden my bike a few mornings now so that's another new achievement.

Two weeks ago it was a really rough week as far as my nausea goes.  Now this week has been much better.  My schedule has change to where I am going for treatments around supper time.  The college students moved back yesterday so the 15 min trip turned into 35 to get to my treatment.

We appreciate your continued prayers.  Pray that the nausea doesn't get me too down.  There have been days where I've been somewhat discouraged.  I'm also worried about the adjustment to life back home, but that's 3 weeks away and I haven't found the verse saying to pray 3 weeks ahead, so you can save those prayers for later.

Derek & Leann

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