Friday, September 2, 2011

A Better Day

Today was definitely a better day than yesterday.  Yesterday I pretty much spent the day laying in bed not feeling like doing anything.  Today I was up and about more.  We met with Dr McDonald today before my treatment.  He did say that my ear is looking worse than they normally see, but that we are doing all the right things.  Keep putting the silver ointment stuff on it.  My ear is really raw, and oozes quite a bit at times.  It's painful sometimes too, but nothing I can't live with.  He said not to expect too much improvement until the treatment is over.  Only 6 more treatments!  Four next week, and then two the week following.

We can feel everyone's extra prayers the last couple days for us, and really appreciate it.  Just pray that my ear would not get any worse, and that I can endure it with a good attitude!

Thanks for your love and support,
Derek & Leann

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