Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wound Clinic visit

Our radiation doctor referred us to the local wound clinic, and the ear area was seen by a nurse practitioner and dressed by her nurse with Biafine directly on the radiation area, Solosite sandwiched between two sheets of Cuticerin (non-stick gauze), some dry gauze on top, and an elastic mummy looking cap to hold it all on.  We are also to apply Hydrocortizone cream on the extending rash/inflamed area which now has spread to the other ear, Derek's neck, right cheek/eye, and arms.  The general consensus at this meeting was that Derek is probably experiencing an allergic reaction to the silver sulfadiazine topical ointment which we applied from last Thursday until Monday morning when we began to suspect something wasn't right.

My responsibility is to re-dress this twice a day.  We report back on Friday at 9am to see how things are faring and hopefully get some prediction at that point when radiation treatments can resume.  We have 5 left.  So close, but so far away!  We have met a wonderful Bloomington, IN babysitter through some references which we used during the doctor visit today.  I'm so thankful for God providing this...she lives very close to the wound clinic.  Having our three children in that wound clinic treatment room at exactly nap time today would have been a site to behold.

Please keep praying for the wound to heal enough to continue the radiation treatments.  We love you all.


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  1. thanks for your extra posts during this time. thankful for the wound clinic and the new dressing. prayers continue for derek's wound to heal. asking the Lord to encourage and bless your hearts.