Monday, April 21, 2014

Scan Results

I met with the Dr's today at Mayo's.  Overall the results are pretty good and better than I expected.  There might be growth in the lower skull but that is up for some question.  The spine is the same.  In the lungs, some spots have shrunk in size, some are a bit larger.  So overall the doctor seems pretty happy with how things are going.  We have never been given the expectation that any tumors would shrink, just staying the same and not growing is success.  The doctor before he left said "you are tough".  I replied that might be but I think it has something to do with all the people praying for us.  He said, "don't change anything"  He didn't want to admit what was responsible but the point is, don't quit praying now.

Regardless of the success of the current chemo, we are adding to it another medicine which has a time delayed release so they give it as a shot with time-span to coincide with my visits for MRI scans.  I got a test injection today that made me feel sick to my stomach, which is not a normal side effect.  Some anti-nausea medicine and I was feeling better.  So hopefully I can manage this stuff cause usually the side effects are low and it is really no more hastle for me.  This is the medicine that the ostreoscan said I was a candidate for.

A year has passed since my stomach tube was put in so we met with the nutritionist today.  Tomorrow morning they will swap this out to a balloon style which is more flush with the skin.  There is a little more risk of it coming out but I can replace it myself when it wears out.

They want me to come back in 2 months but this time are doing just the brain and C spine. So that means one MRI session instead of 2 and cuts the time down.

In summary, just keep praying and pray specifically that the new med does not make me too sick.  Keep praying that my pain is not too great.  So far meds have been keeping it under control.

Derek & Leann


  1. We will keep praying for you and Leann and your whole family. I appreciate your openness and specific prayer requests. May all our lives be the testament to faith in Christ that yours has been.

  2. Was glad to hear your Mayo results--have been checking in almost daily to your blog. Will be keeping you close in heart and mind with prayers. Beth S.