Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A good day

Derek is doing better still.  Oh, I have my moments when I wonder what's next and when, but he has walked down the hall halfway to the nurse desk and back, they have continued to increased his continuous tube feeding to 75 ml per hr.  I don't know what the goal is for hospital release, but I'll ask in the morning.

He is also still on the IV antibiotic.  Otherwise, he's been working on his laptop, enjoying visitors, and resting.  He's smiling more, asking for me to read the Bible to him, and talking about business opportunities.  These are all signs he is feeling better.  I'm guarding myself from thinking about going home too soon, but he told me his hope is by this weekend.

Again, we can't thank you enough for praying us through this trial.

Praising the Lord!!


  1. Thanks for the update! We continue to pray!

  2. Praise the Lord indeed!


    John, Misty and Family

  3. Thankful to hear that things are looking up right now. We continue to think of you often and pray for you from CT.
    Love, Steve & Dorothy Viens

  4. Wow! What a huge change from when I saw him Saturday night. Hope to see you soon. Love you all.

  5. Finally figured out how to become an official follower of the blog :) Thankful to keep reading the positive updates. Hope things continue in the right direction and you guys get to go home soon.

    Love and Prayers,
    Perry and Jess