Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Out of ICU

We've moved!  The Forest Park Building is our new home, room 3704.  Derek's been continuing to improve.  Thanks be to God!  He went for a short walk, is sitting up for a couple hours at a time, and has had the artery line and other monitors removed.  They are doing his tube feeds as a slow drip which is currently only up to 35 ml / hr.  (not enough to stay alive on)  Hopefully, this can continue to increase as his stomach begins working again as it should.  The leakage is very little at this rate.

Mayo Clinic has okayed him to restart the Pazoponib, and the hospital pharmacy here has okayed us to use the already mixed syringes we had at home, so tonight should be his first trial of that following the sepsis.  I pray it goes well and doesn't drop his white blood cell count again.

God's blessings be poured on all of you who care so much for Derek!


  1. Such a rough weekend you have had- unimaginable from our perspective. SO thankful the way has smoothed out some; even more thankful for and inspired by your determination to bring honor and glory to God. May He keep you close and reveal His presence to you in tangible ways daily. We are praying for you, as always!

  2. Thanks for the updates, they keep our prayers focused. We have been and will continue to be prayerful.
    - Rick & Michelle Kaisner

  3. Leann & Derrick- So thankful things are starting to improve. You are in our thoughts and prayers always. God will never let us down! Norman & Lollie

  4. Praise Jesus that he is doing better, so glad to hear this news!!!!! and so grateful they could use the syringes I made up. Continued prayers for his recovery. Hugs and prayers, Dena