Sunday, April 27, 2014


I'm thankful to God that Derek's fever has broke, and his blood pressure continues to improve with less medicine to support it.  He slept a lot today, had some pain, but one of the joys of the day was how alert he was at times and talkative.  I saw some of his personality again, and even though the pain-relief drugs make him sleepy, he could have times of visiting. 

I rejoice with the four young men baptized in our church today, and we listened in to as much of the sermons as we could catch without doctors interrupting.  The main thought I gathered was nothing gets past God.  He knows and plans it all.  This lifted me up.

May you each be blessed for your care for us.


  1. Our love and prayers are flowing to the Father's heart - we love you and are prayerful that God's will be done - we have met sepsis - no fun - but God is the GREAT healer....
    love to you
    Greg & Carla R

  2. Thankful you could have a 'good' day.

    Mary and Dale

  3. We are continuing to pray and commit you and Derek to the Lord's care and mercy. May He provide each moment as your need. He loves you with a pure love. Karen K.