Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday update

Hello family and friends,

I wanted to update today after I talked with the resident.  The main doctor team is not here today.  Some positives for Derek's healing are:  the white blood cell count that was less than 1 yesterday is 8 today.  They just want to make sure it doesn't climb too high too fast.  The goal is 11.  He was able to be weaned off one of the meds that raises blood pressure, and the second one was decreased by almost half.  The goal is to get off of these meds as soon as he can hold his blood pressure up on his own.  His fever is still wanting to rage, and we are keeping it in check with tylenol.  He's had discomfort with so many tubes to try to arrange around him and find a good position.  They changed a couple dressings that caused him to yell out in pain.  That's hard to take!  The outputs from his body are working, but he cannot eat by tube or mouth yet.  The tube is still leaking enough, they don't want to risk putting anything in his stomach right now, so all meds are by IV.  At times, he rests comfortably, but he starts to squirm and needs help readjusting.  He's taking pain meds as needed.  There is a lactic acid blood test that shows how bad the infection is.  If it's over 4, that's bad.  It was over 5 yesterday, and now it's 2.  So, I think we are making headway, but as uncomfortable as he is and the fever makes me say we are not out of the woods yet. 

I've appreciated the support and prayers expressed, and I thank each of you for caring so much for us.  I'm overwhelmed and thankful.  I'm heartsick to see him suffer, and I'm blessed to have a front row seat to observe his Walk of Faith.

"Be ye also ready, therefore be ye also ready.  For in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh."



  1. Derek & Leann:
    Holding you up in prayer.....that GOd's will be done.
    We love you SO much,
    Ed, Ruth, Joe, Jake and Laura

  2. Derek & Leann

    You probably dont know us very well but i am a sister to Jenny Bertsch of Bluffton. You have our sincerest prayers right now.... Words are never enough but know that our hearts are with you. In Christ's love.....

    Javan & Josie Stoller and family

  3. Keeping you close in our prayers, Derek and you!

    Aaron and Luann

  4. I am praying for you and your family.

    Laura Ricketts

  5. Dear Leann & Derek -

    It's Sunday! The Lord's day -

    Thank you for the update... I'm sure you are fatigued with everything going on, yet you know (the readers of your blog) are all interested in what is happening. Yesterday at the MIST meeting we prayed for Derek several times, and everyone expressed concerns.

    Your situation actually lent itself to create a more comprehensive and meaningful discussion of the spiritual topic we had on the agenda ("managing work and school with personal/spiritual life issues"). I realize the gravity of Derek's situation in a physical sense... I'm not sure any of us realize the depth that the Lord is using your situation to move hearts. Maybe someday we will understand all of this.

    Regarding Derek's health today, we are praying for God to wrap His love and comfort around you and Derek. If you have time please read Isaiah 41...

    verse 4 (God controls events in our lives), verse 10 (Fear thou not), verse 11 (they that strive with thee shall perish - I see this as the physical diseases Derek is dealing with), verse 12 (they that war against thee shall be as nothing), and verse 13 (for I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee).... the rest of the chapter talks about the inability of idols to accomplish anything of value...

    What a promise!

    In the Love of Jesus
    Dean and Karen

  6. We are lifting you up in prayer. Neil & Luann

  7. Derek and Leann,
    Our prayers continue for you and your family…
    With much love and prayers,
    John & Rhonda

  8. Just snatches of a song running through my head;

    "wading deep the dismal flood"
    "whisper softly, "wanderer come, follow Me I'll guide thee home"
    "when our days of toil shall cease"
    "when the storms are raging sore, hearts grow faint and hopes give o'er"

    Can't think of the name of this right this minute but God put it there for a reason and so often, in times of deepest distress, God faithfully puts a song in the minds to bring comfort.

    Mary and Dale

  9. Derek's walk of faith continues to speak to all of us.
    Our prayers continue...
    Love in Christ - Brian and Wendy Waibel

  10. Praying for all of you as you face the days ahead that God will hold both of your hands as you face the unknowns! Love jon n marla w.