Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Voicebox Consult

We met with Dr Ekbom today.  His nurse used a scope to look at my voicebox so they could see what was happening there.  The right side only moves the slightest amount.  The left side is doing all the work when I talk.  This was what we expected since we had seen that before.  He recommended two things.  The vocal cord injection and a dilation of the airway.  Or I could do a permanent surgery but it is more invasive and I would have to stop the chemo for longer so we are going to do the less invasive route.  In some patients it lasts 3-6 months, in some it lasts much longer.  Tomorrow I need to do another swallow study as Dr Ekbom wants that to see where things are getting stuck before he does the procedure.  That is after lunch, and we couldn't get it soon enough to do the procedure tomorrow.  So we will have to come back up, probably the week of Christmas.  The procedure will be outpatient but they will put me under general anesthesia so I don't have to worry about my gag reflex.

Derek & Leann

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  1. Derek and LeAnn

    not really a lot to say... other than that we love you, and support you In whatever decisions you make as you continue your quest for heath.... and God's will in your lives....

    After spending a lot of time in Panama, I realize that there are many mysteries in life... lots of things we don't understand...

    however, the one constant, the one fundamental truth, is the Love of Jesus, the one act in history that transcends all acts, the sacrifice of our Lord.... the walk, the recording of His life, and the actual willingness to go to the cross, allows us to go free!!

    Praise Jesus!!

    Love Dean