Saturday, December 28, 2013

Derek's doing better

Today, Derek was moved from the mask oxygen to just the nostril type.  He maintained his numbers well, and has had visitors and been a little spunky.  Wesley came over to see us and other visitors, all a joy.  Although I'm replaying yesterday afternoon in my mind and wondering if I should have done anything differently, I think he is in the best shape possible after having aspirated like that.  The CT of the chest diagnosed it as pneumonia or pneumotitis.

Now, we just have some regular hospital policies to live through...the pretest for eating (x-ray to make sure g-tube is in right place), getting correct food cans for the tube, getting a walker (must go through complete PT eval first), etc.

Thanks for your prayers and we'll keep you posted.  We may be here a couple days.

Thankful to God for his provision.


  1. Very thankful to hear that you are doing better Derek... all of us walk an uncertain path, but knowing that Jesus walks with us is a great comfort! Much love in this special time of year!

    Dean and Karen

    Dean and Karen

  2. Sorry to hear of this setback and keeping you all in our prayers!


    Aaron and Luann

  3. Thankful and praying for patience for the "hoops".
    love, r and k

  4. So scary! Our 21 month old had Pneumonia last week and it was hard to deal with - can't imagine having that PLUS everything else Derek has been dealing with. Praying for healing and peace for the New Year.