Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Update

Update from OSF, I am breathing better and off of oxygen most of the day.  I've made a few walks in the hall.  There is something weird going on with my hemoglobin since I've been in the hospital that they haven't figured out yet.  So one step to accomplish tonight is to make it through the night without oxygen. The second thing is to figure out why the hemoglobin is down.  I'm not sure yet how long Ill be here but feeling a lot better.  My talking is finally starting to come back.  Last night was better and today has been better yet so I am really thankful for that.  I still cant talk on the phone but can have a conversation at least.

Thanks for your prayers,
Derek & Leann


  1. So thankful for the improvement! We continue to pray for you...

  2. Derek and Leann - I have been following your journey and praying for comfort, peace and no pain for all of you. You are such an inspirational family and clearly, you have taught us all how to handle difficult circumstances. Prayers for you as we head into the new year --- Nancy Slough

  3. I am thankful for the updates. I pray for you. I pray for many things but one now on my heart is that you can "rest" in this time and wait upon Him. May He strengthen and help you all.
    love, Karen