Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eye better

Thanks for everyone praying for me over the last couple weeks.  I think it has really made a difference.  Things are going a lot better.

My eye was stitched shut for five days.  The dr had seen a missing chunk of cornea and suggested a stitch to keep it shut to help healing.  I didn't have any pain but it was very annoying to see out of one eye.  Plus I looked like quite the sight with one eye stitched shut.  Thankfully when I went back Tuesday it had healed and they could remove the stitch.  Since then I've been able to see clearly and that has helped my spirits quite a bit.

I can't explain why but I've been able to eat more as well.  I still eat small amounts and slowly but I have been able to eat more and that helps.  For some reason I lost some weight so I've upped the feeding tube regimen to five cans per day.  I am still figuring out the best way to get this down.  I feel pretty full.  I didn't realize I was losing weight till I started getting sores on my legs.  I have used the power chair some more even though I can still walk.  It has a good air filled pad that I can sit on without getting sore.

The hiccups have been gone this week and I'm enjoying that too.  I might get a couple an hour, which is nothing when they were coming 10-20 a minute.

I think my brain function has returned somewhat but it is not back to what it used to be.  I still feel like my personality is different but I can talk some.

We are headed to mayo on Tuesday for the next set of scans.  This should give an indication if the current chemo is working.

Thanks for all the support and prayers we feel.
Derek and Leann


  1. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you head to Mayos. It is a long trip to play with your emotions so know many are praying for you as you travel up and back. Still appreciate your updates. Love in our Saviour, Beth Steffen

  2. Thanks for the update Derek. We are praying today!

  3. Hoping that today's trip was a good report. Very grateful for the letter and its solid, helpful tips. Continuing in prayer for you daily.