Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chemo is working

Good news at this checkup.  The scans show that the tumors haven't grown in the last couple months.  The tumors are less enhancing by the contrast as well which means that they aren't as active.  So the doctors seemed pretty happy.  And of course we were as well.  The doctors agreed to try getting off the steroid over the next couple weeks as well.  The doctors want to have the next scans in 3 months.

We actually are going back up next week for the vocal cord procedure.  This should hopefully help my voice be stronger and the swallowing better.  We couldn't get this done on this visit. They will inject the paralyzed vocal cord to make it close more against the left side which functions like normal.

We talked about the mental slowness and think that is due to one of the medications I was trying for the hiccups.  I feel that getting better so I tend to agree it is not the chemo.  I don't feel 100% yet but feel like I have more drive and ambition than I did a few weeks ago.

The stomach tube checked out ok as well.  I spent a fair amount of time talking with the nutritionist and she is going to change my prescription to 4 cans that I had been taking plus 2 cans of real food that are 300 calories each.  The hope is that twice a day I can do 1 of each (plus 1 each the other two times) and not feel as full and tired as the 2 cans (500 each, 1000 cal total) were making me.  I don't remember her suggesting these before but these new cans have chicken and vegetables and fruits in them instead of just sugary stuff.  I have lost some more weight and am trying to put it back on.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Just pray I continue to talk more and my brain continues to function better.  And thank the Lord that the chemo is working!

Derek & Leann


  1. Thankful for a good report and for options that could improve your quality of life. Praying

  2. Rejoicing with you on the good report.
    Ryan & Christy Schrock

  3. Thankful for the positive report!! Still praying! : )

  4. So thankful for this ray of sunshine on this difficult path we've been treading with you in prayer!
    Brandon & Sarah

  5. Thankful for this good news. Praise the Lord! We are praying and asking the Lord for complete healing.
    Love from Washington state, the Arnolds

  6. We continue praying for all of your symptoms and your general strength and peace and faith. We are thankful for a good report and pray that the medicine and food "tweaking" will help.
    With much love, Karen