Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 2

This week has been better in many ways, especially the cooler weather.  Monday night we got to play baseball with Wesley at a nearby park.  Tuesday was "field trip" day to the Monroe County Fair.  Lexi wanted to see the horse show so she could pick out which color horse she wants to get.  I was explaining everything that goes into showing animals at a fair, but then I realized she has no interest in showing, and was just there to pick one out.  We watched a bit of the dairy show and then the kids got to hold chickens in the poultry barn.  After my treatment we went back in the evening for the kids to go on the rides.  Wesley loved the bumper cars, Whitley's worst part was when the ride ended (major fit).  Wednesday was packing day as we have to switch apartments this weekend and be out totally till Monday.  Nancy, the concierge at the treatment center, has been very helpful and let us put our stuff in the garage at the house she uses for her office.

My headaches have not been as bad this week.  The Mayo's nurse had followed up with me and suggested that I could be getting "rebound" headaches from taking Tylenol long term.  She suggested a few days of tylenol, then a few of Ibuprofen.  I think that has helped as they have generally been better.

Late last week I noticed a hint of nausea and wondered if it was from the radiation.  By Sunday/Monday it was pretty much gone, then was back a little and growing each day after Tuesday.  Nausea is one of the possible side effects, but I thought it would come later or maybe not at all.  I got some medication for it today which seems to be helping tonight, but guess what the side effect is:  headaches - now I have one again.  So my spirits have not been as great this week, although in the scheme of things this is a minor trial.  The main thing is that no food really looks that great to me and I could go a long time without eating except I know I need to.

The Indianapolis church has overwhelmed us (like everyone back home) with love and support.  They have a meal list going to give us a couple frozen meals each Sunday.  We've been invited over to homes on Sunday afternoons.  So we are thankful to have a new church family here to make us feel at home and to pray.

Derek & Leann

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