Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Home

We are thankful to be somewhat "settled" with a place to stay.  Yesterday morning we got a call that there was a "maintenance emergency" in our apartment and we wouldn't be able to get in until mid August!  They decided to redo some wallpaper, which ruined the drywall, and then they found mold, etc.  So after a few phone calls they figured out we could take a different unit (in the same complex) for a couple weeks and then we may have to move again to a different unit.  At least we are not in a motel, and the setup is the same as far as the room layout.  We arrived today and no additional surprises.  Mom & Dad Stoller came out with us (we couldn't fit everything in our van) to help us unload (since I still can't lift anything over 10 lbs).

I think getting up at 5 so we could leave early was rougher on the kids than we thought it would be.  Lot's of grumbling today, too hot, too long a bike ride, not enough floaties for the pool, wish we didn't have to come here, wrong restaurant, etc.  I think everyone will feel better tomorrow when we have more sleep.

This afternoon was rough for me headache wise.  I took an hour or two nap and woke up with a headache, a lot like happens in the morning.  It will be interesting to see if taking it more easy here helps them to go away, or if this is something that continues to happen when I first get up from sleeping or napping.  Other than the headaches, I really feel good.  No other pain, and my facial paralysis is 95% recovered.

Monday we go to the Proton Therapy center at 11am to meet with the doctor, then sometime later in the day I'll have the "dry run" that verifies all the equipment is working out properly.  Tuesday will be the first actual radiation treatment.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support,
Derek & Leann (and family)


  1. Glad things worked out with the apartment and you're there and settled. Sorry to hear of grumblings and headaches. You're in our thoughts often. We'll keep praying.

  2. We're glad you arrived safely and are getting settled in. You all will be missed!!
    Love you all,
    Paul, Beth and kids

    **Will be praying specifically for your headaches to subside Derek.

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  4. Hope you and your kids can adjust quickly to your "new" home. You're in our thoughts and prayers so often. We pray your treatments will be effective and your headaches will decrease. May you feel God's faithfulness and peace each day.

    Aaron and Luann
    Jared and Rose