Friday, July 22, 2011

first week down

Well, the first week of radiation is almost over.  The treatments have been going fine, and yesterday’s was down to 25 minutes, less than 1 hour from time I left till time I got back home.  I come out with a mesh imprint in my face from the mask that last 5 or 10 minutes.  It scared Leann the first time she saw it.  The treatment center is on time or early usually.  Sometimes they call and say to come in sooner.  I walk into the room, lay down on the table and they strap me down.  Then the table which is on a robotic arm moves up into position in the gantry.  Then an xray machine takes a shot of my head so they can cofirm my exact location.  After that I feel the table move a little as they correct my location.  Then all the techs leave the room and I hear a doorbell dinging sound.  I can tell when the beam is coming because something in the lens contraption makes a clicking noise.  Once that stops they come back in and switch the lens & aperture around and move the snout to the next angle.  Between the second and third shot they take another xray.  I almost feel like I am about to fall asleep during these treatments, but I don’t think I really have yet.  If you are claustrophobic you would not be able to survive these things.  The mask feels pretty snug and you can’t move much.
As for the treatment schedule, mine will always be in the afternoon.  There are two sizes of snout, a 10 cm and 20 cm.  They group them together so they don’t have to switch it as often and do the 20 cm in the afternoon.  I was hoping for early morning treatments but that isn’t going to be the case.  Right now we are sleeping in (I don’t get up till 7 usually) and then we are trying to do school right after breakfast.
As for the family, things are going better the last few days.  The first couple days there were lots of little things bothering everyone, but they are getting used to it now.  We are not looking forward to the college kids coming back because with the construction, roads are pretty much jammed already.  The last few days it has been too hot for the pool during the day.  Yesterday we went fishing and had a couple bass on the line but failed to get them landed.  There are quite a few turtles in this pond here and Wesley is aiming to catch one.  One is a huge guy, I think he’s a snapper.
School is going good.  Wesley is starting to sound out words in his reader.  Lexi is keeping her nose in books.  We went to the library.  Wesley’s picks were either about killer whales, moose, construction, or airplanes.  Mommy picked the books for Lexi off of a list of “good character building” books.  She hasn’t been as excited about reading them, but last night we started reading one as a family and then I caught her in bed with her own bookmark in it.
Whitley has been learning to go in the big girl potty.  We are just on our second day but making progress already.
Wesley and Daddy played catch last night with the new softball and glove we got for Wesley.  When it cools down we’ll find a park and let him use his new aluminum bat.  It’s too crowded around the apartment to be hitting balls around.
We are thankful for air conditioning, our vehicle, a safe place to stay, and being together as a family.
 Have a blessed weekend!  Thank you for keeping us lifted up to our Heavenly Father.  He loves and cares for us. 
Derek, Leann, Lexi, Wesley, and Whitley

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