Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hair falling out

I’m in a lot better mood this time than I was when I wrote the last update.  The anti-nausea medicine seems to be working.  I’m not perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was late last week.  The headaches have been much better in the last week and I’ve quit taking ibuprofen/Tylenol every morning.  Now I take it just when I get a headache.  So overall I’m feeling a lot better this week.  I just noticed yesterday when rubbing my head that I had loose hair on my fingers.  Now you can see that below and in front of the incision my hair is very thin and almost gone.  It should be just a small area around and behind my ear, but it will be permanent.

The treatments have not been going as smooth schedule-wise as they were at the beginning.  On Monday the machine broke down 2/3 of the way through my treatment, so I had to wait around, go eat supper and come back, etc.  They finally got it fixed 5 hours later.  They are typically running about ½ hour behind now, where at first they were usually early.  But it’s not a big deal.  I just got to listen to every pundit under the sun explain what they thought would happen with the debt ceiling deal in congress.

The kids have been in Illinois since last Friday and came back Wednesday.  They got to spend some time with each set of grandparents and cousins.  Leann and I had more “date” time than we’ve had in years, and enjoyed the break.  Whitley was not feeling well while in Illinois and is getting her 2 year molars.  Plus she has a bunch of cancer sores in her mouth.  She’s started eating again the last couple days so that’s a good thing.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors while we are here.  We appreciate the continued prayers and support we have been feeling even while out here in Indiana.

Derek & Leann 

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