Thursday, July 14, 2011

Packing Up!

Just 2 more days till we head for Indiana on Saturday morning.  Today we plan to start packing some things up.  The apartment is furnished, so we are just taking clothes, school books, fishing and activity things, and office things like the computer and printer.

I continue to notice improvement each week in my abilities to move around and in my facial movement.  It's almost entirely back to normal now.  The past week has been a bit discouraging though as the headaches are not really improving yet.  It seems related to motion of my head, and somewhat how much activity I've been up to in the past day.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the love shown to us and everyone who has helped us in some way. I made the comment yesterday that we could do something every day for someone else and we'll never be able in our lifetimes to repay what has been done for us.  I was told that we don't have to, but we just do what we can for others.  I had the thought of how similar this is to salvation.  We can never repay our Lord for what he has done for us.  But we desire to, so we just do everything we can to show love to those around us and help others along the way, knowing that we will never do as much for them as has been done for us.

Some have asked, so our address in Indiana will be 1321 S Fenbrook Lane, Bloomington IN 47401.

Thanks again for your prayers.  My primary request at this time is that my headaches would subside.
Derek & Leann

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