Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Settling In

Well another week is flying by.  In general it seems like we are getting pretty settled now.  We've had so many visitors already that we have really kept pretty busy and the time is going by pretty quickly.

Sunday was a really nice day.  We were really blessed as we could hear the word and it just seemed to come so alive to me.  Sunday morning's service we read Ezekiel 3 and I guess it really convicted me.  God was speaking to Ezekiel that he needed to speak and warn the people, and if he did not, God would lay it to his charge.  But if he would warn the people to turn from their wicked ways, then he would be innocent.  I've just been thinking about this since, why have I always been so slow to speak the truth?  When we see evil around us, we need to be quick to warn souls of the danger and speak the truth.  So if you happen to be one who has not yet found your salvation in Jesus Christ, know that today salvation is available and God is calling to you to seek Him in repentance.

I've really enjoyed being able to do school with Wesley the last few days.  He's progressed a lot since I last did school with him during the fall.  We've been able to get done in about an hour each day.  I've been taking naps in the afternoon, which is a new thing for me.  Treatments have typically been around supper time, and so far are running right about an hour long.  I'm pretty comfortable during the treatments, and thankful for that.  I'm trying to get totally off the steroids that I had been on since before surgery, and that is making things a bit more painful for me.  I think they were helping quite a bit.  This morning was actually a bit easier than the past few mornings have been but in general I'm in a bit more pain.  The Dr doesn't want me on steroids for more than a month since he says I'll lose a lot of muscle strength.

No planned visitors today, so we'll probably go to the library once we get school done today.  Tomorrow we are looking forward to Doug & Brooke coming.

Thanks again for your prayers,
Derek & Leann

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