Saturday, February 4, 2012

On the way home

I got out of the hospital last night about 5. We spent the night at the guest house and hit the road around 7 this morning. Leann's parents are leading the way in their van. I'm sitting in the passenger seat of ours tipped back with a pillow under my head and fealing pretty comfortable while Leann drives.

I think the most challenging position is going to be sitting up, things like eating at the table or trying to do desk work where it puts more strain on my upper back and lower neck muscles. I really slept pretty comfortably though last night.

My main prayers now are that God will provide healing for my incision site so I can get my strength and mobility back, as well as that God will slow the tumor growth so I can have good arm/muscle function. The tingling in my left hand isn't getting better, I just sense that I'm loosing something in that hand.

Thanks again so much for all the love and prayers we feel.

Derek & Leann


  1. glad you're on the road home; we'll keep praying. we love you!

  2. So thankful you are on your way home today.I'll continue to pray.