Monday, January 30, 2012

Talked to surgeon

It's 7:41pm, and we just got done talking to the doctor. Everything went as expected, and the preliminary pathology is malignant meningioma as we expected. He said Derek was waking and able to move arms and legs, and we will get to see him in about 1 hr.


  1. Dear Derek, Leann and your families,

    We think of you often and are so thankful for the postings yous take the time to type.

    We feel for you; the pain of uncertainty of what God has planned for your future, the pain in the physical body as disease, surgeries and healing takes place, the spiritual pain of crying out to God knowing that He has your best interests at heart but learning & growing is often painful. Yet, it bringeth the peace that the world cannot understand nor ever take away. We have the confidence the Lord will provide all things necessary and in His own way & time.

    We will continue to keep you in our prayers. We know God has heard prayers & answered them in the past and trust He will continue to hear and answer the many prayers offered up for you. We often feel His nearness and presence close to us and know He will not forsake us.

    In Christian Love,

    Dale & Mary (Zuercher) Wagenbach
    9:12 pm EST - our time

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  2. So thankful the surgery went well, without complications.
    Continuing to pray!

  3. we, too, are very thankful the surgery went well. We will continue to pray as Derek heals, and you deal with all the emotions and decisions ahead.

  4. We continue to pray for you. Darin & Keri