Monday, January 30, 2012

Surgery started

Surgery officially started at 10:33am. The markers have already been inserted. Thankful for your comments and love.



  1. Dear Leann -

    Thank you so much for being willing to keep us in the loop today. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly today (as you have been and will continue to be!). May you continue to feel God's presence comforting you and holding you close.

    Love in Him,
    Brad & Julie and family

  2. Dear Derek & Leann,

    Last evening as we were praying for you, your Dad Sauder's thoughts from yesterday afternoon's prayer came to my mind. I told my family, let's just each one quietly pray for healing and comfort for Derek and his whole family. Again this morning after devotions, eleven heads silently bowed. How comforting to know that we don't have to speak to be heard by God.


    John, Misty, Willow, Echo, Talon, Meadow, Arrow, Halo, Anchor, Indigo and Shepherd

  3. thankful for the update. prayers continue

  4. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with you all today! May He guide the hands of the surgeons. Nothing is too hard for Him!
    Love and prayers,
    Carly Knecht

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  6. I have been praying all morning for both you and Derek. Thank you for keeping all of us that love you updated. I am praying especially for wisdom for the surgeon, little pain for Derek, and God's perfect peace for you and your family.... That peace that passes our understanding.

    Love you all so much,

  7. Thank you so much for the updates. Praying for God to keep his arms around you today and always.
    Christy Gress

  8. Still watching and praying...
    Our hearts are with you there.
    Nate & Cheryl & family

  9. Leann,

    I was on my knees with a prayful heart for Derek and your family this morning at 6am. Our hearts are hurting and our eyes our swimming for what you are going through right now. Our love and prayers that God will heal Him if it is His will.

    Jeremy, Kalsey Knecht

  10. Our prayers are with you often. May you feel God's nearness and love.
    -Paul & Betsy Hany

  11. You have been in our thoughts & prayers all day.

    Josh & Julie

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  13. Sending love, hugs and lots and lots of prayers. Kris