Monday, January 30, 2012

Derek is looking good

Dear praying family and friends,

Derek is doing really well coming out of everything. He asked me to specifically tell you that he believes waking up went so smoothly and moving his limbs went well, and just generally little to no pain is due to your prayers. We are so thankful that he is recovering this good.

We will be back at 7:30am to talk to the dr. again and the plan is to move him out of ICU tomorrow.



  1. Wonderful news! We are keeping you in our prayers here in Arizona! Love you!! Doug and Jill Huette

  2. Rejoicing for you that that this stage of recovery is going well. Prayer is powerful. Thanks be to our God for His farreaching goodness to us. Enjoyed the children today. They were a joy to have here. Will continue to hold you up in prayer. A. Helen

  3. So thankful things are going well so far. Praising God for his mercy!~Wendy W

  4. We will continue to thankful that things are going as well as you can expect for right now. We're praying for your kids, too. Love you all!
    Jeff and Chelby

  5. Su and I have been praying so much for you.
    We have been down this path with our son and then his wife.
    God has been so faithful!
    Psalms 61 was a chapter we prayed many times.
    Crawl up in His lap, stay in His peace, in His love.
    He does love you all so very much!
    We continue to lift you up in prayer.
    Our love
    Mike and Su Aberle
    p.s. we know Steve and Mary.

  6. SO GLAD for this good report and will continue praying.

  7. So, so thankful! Praying you can both get a good night's rest!

  8. Thankful that things went smoothly today for Derek and the surgeons. Praying for a peaceful night's rest for both of you...much love to you!

  9. Such good news! thank you for the updates. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  10. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Prayer is a powerful adversary. So thankful that yesterday went so well.

  11. So,so thankful. Appreciate the updates. Many thoughts and prayers continue from Kansas City.
    In His love,
    Joan Fehr

  12. Oh praise the Lord! So thankful to read your update. Continuing prayers.
    -Jeremy & Tammy

  13. Derek, Leann & families..
    We are thinking of you often and lifting you all up in prayer. May you continue to feel that peace and comfort that only God can provide.
    With love and prayers,
    Don & Jane Wiegand