Friday, January 20, 2012

Back pain


Derek's upper back, neck, and arms have been in pain for a few weeks. His neck is really stiff and movement is quite limited. We are planning to go to Mayo clinic this coming Wed to meet with the oncologist to have her examine him again and possibly get some more scans. In talking with her this morning, she believes it is very unlikely to be related to the meningioma. He has been getting chiropractic treatment for 2 weeks, but the pain continues to worsen. As we pray through the various fears, we are brought to remember God's love never fails.

Please pray that Derek can have a reasonable measure of relief from the pain and this would turn out to be a simple problem.


  1. I'm so sorry! We are all praying!

  2. I am praying right now for relief from this pain for Derek. I will also be praying for your Wednesday appointment. Thank you for sharing your lives through this blog. Much love and many prayers for all of you! Love, Jill

  3. Derek,
    We enjoyed your Mom and Dad this weekend and happy to catch up with them. You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers often and we pray that God can grant you his healing, his peace that this journey is one that He has allowed for your family to strengthen your relationship with Him. He knows the big picture for all of us and we are constantly reminded He is in control. God Bless you,
    Dennis and gail Massner