Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Home again

Things went differently this time.  It was easy getting out of the hospital so they let me go this morning and we are now home.  I am moving really slowly and for short distances.  Luckily I am not in pain.  But my right leg is really weak.  I think it will take some time to build up the strength again.  I got out of the van a couple times on the trip home but walking and getting up is not as easy as it was.

Thanks for all the prayers.  It just seems like good times are followed by setbacks over and over.  But we just continue to take one day at a time.  We sure dont know what the future holds but we know Who holds it.

Derek & Leann


  1. Glad to hear you are back yo the comforts of home- a good place to be!

  2. So glad you are back home!
    Love and prayers, Marv and Mary

  3. Praying for your spirtual strength, as well as physical. I am so glad you are home with your family

    Michael & Rachel