Friday, October 11, 2013

Started Votrient

On Wednesday we got word that based on my blood work, I would not qualify for the Phase II trail at the NIH in Maryland.  We were placing hope in that treatment, since it is new and if I could get in, quite a bit earlier than we will see it publicly.  The trial was based on the body's immune system attacking the tumors and involved a couple hospitalizations.  So that was quite a letdown to not have that option.  I think we just have to view it as God knowing it wouldn't work and sparing us the travel or for some reason he didn't want it.  Otherwise it's too hard to figure it all out.

I started then on Votrient, which is oral every day, 4 little pills.  I've taken it two days now and i'm thankful I can swallow them.  Crushing results in different and higher absorption, which can be done but they prefer not.  It's easier to swallow them than mix suspensions all the time.

As far as how I am doing, I still have headaches and neck/shoulder pain and stiffness.  Pain killers are usually controlling it.  There have been a few times where Leann has to help me get dressed because I cant bend over enough but that is rare.  I've been going to work still and Tues night was able to ride in the combine with the kids for an hour or two.  I'm still eating some, not always, and for sure not a lot.  But enough that it cures my desire for good tasting food.

Thanks for your prayers.  Please pray that I can endure whatever pain I have, and that God would take away whatever pain and headaches I do have.

Derek & Leann


  1. Always in our thoughts and prayers! :)
    In Him
    Ed and RUth, Joe, Jacob and Laura

  2. We will pray for the pain and pray for each day to be blessed with the love and joy of the Lord in your family. We pray for each of you that God will provide for each as He knows best. Randy and I missed you Sunday and were thankful that you could enjoy fellowship in another area and that God could bless you with that time for your whole family. It is such a blessing that we have in our church to be able to travel and feel the Spirit of the Lord and have the same fellowship. May God bless you. In Him, Karen and Randy

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