Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mayo visit

We are on our way home after meeting with the oncologist and surgeon here.  The main new symptom I have been having is weakness in the right side of my face affecting my vision.  Things are blurry, particularly later in the day.  From the scans, they can see tumor along the nerve were it goes through a small hole at the skull base.  This area is not a candidate for surgery as the nerves are small and fragile.  The best hope is that the chemo works to stop the tumor from growing and the nerve could regenerate somewhat or entirely on its own.  There is an area of tumor around the brainstem but the surgeon said even that is risky and there appears to be no symptoms from that.

I've also started on a steroid late last week.  The headaches and pain are gone now so I'm thankful for that.  The steroid will reduce any swelling from the tumors.

My voice has been weak and sounds hoarse lately.  I had a sore throat last week but the surgeon thinks its more a function of tumor growth.

Next MRI will be early December.  We should know then if the pazoponib is working or not.  I've been on that about three weeks now.

It's been harder lately to keep my attitude as good.  I've been more discouraged as I feel my body decline.  Being harder to talk, I'm more likely to be quiet which isn't me so much.  The last couple days my sight is probably weighing me down too.  I don't want to discourage you, just be as open as I can so people know what to pray for.  Just pray my sight gets better and I can keep a good attitude.

Derek & Leann


  1. Praying dear friends. We love you all.

  2. Our hearts ache for you. We can't comprehend what you're feeling. Thank you for sharing your prayer needs.

    Much love and prayers...
    Rick, Michelle, Brooklyn and Levi Kaisner

  3. Derek and LeAnn

    I haven't posted for awhile... lots of things going on in our family (with Bob's continuing decline), and at work as well... not a good excuse, but I'm being honest. As you know I plan to retire soon, which will free me up for more activity in the Tremont/Peoria area, where at this time I'm rarely at.... traveling to Panama nearly every other week now (which is where I'm writing this from) - things are reaching a peak of activity and stress there at this time -

    I continue to read your posts, and pray for you all daily. I was hopeful you could get some of the new (experimental?) meds... but looks like that didn't work out, and am thankful for your attitude you expressed on a previous post. I will continue to pray for a positive attitude, and also for you to continue to work in God's vineyard. I continue to believe that you are in (and have been put in) a position that is reserved for very (very) few, where you can speak to many who would not otherwise be open to God's prompting. I wish you God's continued grace and wisdom to use this rare opportunity to spread His word, His message, and His plan to the hearts of many.

    My heartfelt thought at this point is that the (human) side of me is frustrated that you haven't seen more healing and progress - but the reality is that God's timing is perfect for all of us, and really none of us know if we have tomorrow (or even the rest of today) on this Earth - so we need to make sure we DO His will each and every day.

    My heart goes out to you... we love you all, we pray for you all for wisdom, courage, patience, and faith that God is in control and His will is being done. There is so much comfort in that -

    I pray you will all find that Peace that knoweth NO bounds!

    In the Love of Jesus (which is the highest Love).... Dean

  4. we pray for you!
    so thankful God loves you and will supply all your needs!
    love- will & joanna manz

  5. We pray for you daily. Love, Neil & Luann Stoller

  6. Words can't express the yearnings of our heart and Spirit for you and your family. We continue to pray for you. May the Lord fill you with peace and love and help you to be able to focus on Him. May He heal according to His will and provide in all things.
    In Christ's love,
    Karen (and Randy)