Thursday, October 17, 2013

Received Powerchair

Today, our family was excited to see Derek fitted into his new powerchair.  This chair is quite the amazing chair!  Some features include tilt, elevate, seat cushion adjustment, and tight turns.  We are very pleased with the service of National Seating and Mobility in Bartonville, IL, as well as our therapist Joann from Hopedale Medical Complex, and our insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

On the downside, Derek's facial nerve is being affected by the cancer now, and visually I can tell his right side of the face does not repond like the left.  He has also noticed some difficulty again in swallowing and talking.

We appreciate your continued prayers for us.



  1. Hi Leann, I am so glad to see the update on the powerchair! What a blessing! Your family is such an encouragement to many! Jolynn Hodel

  2. Greetings Leann & Derek:
    Want you to know that we follow your blog and pray for you often from Connecticut. God is at work through your lives, encouraging others! I was happy to see the power char; hopefully this will give you more mobility and conserve energy to spend with your precious children.
    Steve & Dorothy Viens, Rockville CT congregation

  3. Greetings, Derek! Glad to see the new power Leann not only has to keep up with the kids but with you. ;) Remember not to 'speed' too fast in that thing or she might have to start issuing speeding tickets! We love you and pray for ALL of you daily! We are planning to be in Tremont November 2nd & 3rd with Mark and Colleen...hopefully we'll get to see you a little!
    Love ya,
    Eric, Bobbi & Boys

  4. Vroom, Vroom. I was thinking speeding tickets, too. We're very thankful you received the power chair. May you continue to feel God's presence.

    Ryan & Christy