Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book Release

Family and Friends,

Today is Derek's first birthday in heaven.  With the help of loved ones, we were able to get his book published which he wrote during his years of illness.  He was always driven and purposeful, but I saw a definite shift after his cancer diagnosis towards wanting to pass on helps to those he would leave behind. This book does that by recording the key principles for success that Derek learned during his time at Precision Planting.  With thankfulness, I present the completion of this project...

Encore: Secrets of Serial Entrepreneurship
By Derek Sauder

Available on amazon at:

Proceeds go to The Sauder Children Fund.  Derek's gifts are from God, the Giver of all of our talents.  We worship Him and His Son Jesus this Easter weekend and always, praising Him for His loving sacrifice for us.  Because of Jesus, I can see Derek again.


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