Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mayo scans

Praise The Lord, we are almost home.  The good news is that the lungs are fine as far as the pneumothorax ( lung collapse) is concerned.  The X-ray showed everything is fine.  We had a scare when the doctor got the dates confused but that was sorted out quickly.

As far as the tumors, there was some growth over the last couple months.  I am guessing it was 10-20 percent growth on bath brain, spine,and lung.  It is enough that the doctors say I should stop the current chemo and start a new drug.  They are going to work with insurance to try and get pazopanib covered.  This doesn't surprise me too much since I had noticed things like swallowing that got worse while taking this.  We asked about keeping on the current drug but sounds like their is a fair risk of reactions when drugs are mixed so that doesn't work well.

Overall we are really thankful.  It probably seems like a short term thing to worry about more lung collapse but I was lacking faith and strength to be away from the kids again.  So thanks for your prayers.  Just pray that I continue to have the strength to smile and serve God each day He gives me.

Derek & Leann


  1. Derek & Leann,

    I know we don't verbalize it as often as we should...we love you and your family and pray for you often!


    Greg & Mary Beutel

  2. Derek & Leann,
    May God wrap you tightly in His almighty arms, and squeeze you both so you can feel His presence:)
    Praying for you daily!!

    In His love and ours,
    Ed and Ruth

  3. Dear Derek & Leann ~
    I definitely continue to pray for you all often!! May you continue to feel that peace and assurance that comes from God alone : )
    Love in Him,
    Alissa Wiegand