Friday, August 23, 2013


We are home!  We got home Tuesday night at 12:30.  Things have been busy getting back in the swing at work, hence a few day delay in updating the blog.  It's been easy for me to adjust to the time zones, hard for Leann.  There are 5 hours difference, so it's not trivial.  We had a great trip.  We did a lot, spent a few days doing nothing.  It took a while to learn how to relax again.  We were on the island of Kauai only, I think we saw it all either by car, helicopter, or boat.  The plants, mountains, and oceans are truly amazing.  Beaches were sometimes hard/sometimes easy depending on how wild the ocean was, how far to walk, how steep, etc.  I was able to snorkel a few times, the easiest was off of the boat.  The hardest thing was getting out of the ocean while waves crashed.  Thanks for all the prayers that we could have a good trip.

Next week is another round of routine scans at Mayo's, on Tues/Wed.  Hopefully it really ends up being routine.  We thought that the last two times and ended up in the hospital both times.  The chemo is going well, no side effects that I've noticed.  We'll find out from the scans if it's working or not.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  We appreciate them much.
Derek & Leann


  1. So glad you had a good trip and were able to figure out how to relax and enjoy each other. Our prayers were with you while you were gone. We will continue to pray that your trip to Mayos is uneventful and routine. Much love and prayers!
    Rick & Michelle

  2. We're thankful for a safe, and refreshing trip. And for a safe return home. Thankful for you, Kevin and Rachel