Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Talked to surgeon

Dr. Wigle was in and said everything went well.  They did see some cancer on the pleura that was new since 3 months ago, but he said the burden of disease was not that great.  They did not remove any cancer this time, since they know what it is (no need to biopsy) and they know they cannot get it all.  He said it is a big possibility that we go home with a chest tube still in Derek to give the lung more time to stay adhered before pulling the tube out.  We are glad for that option, because it means we might not have to be up here as long.  The cancer saddens us.  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. 'Thought and prayed for you so often throughout the day. We hope you can feel the love from so many who care. God be with you and bless you with His strength in your weariness.
    Our love in Christ,
    Paul and Betsy, Joel, Connor & Nora

  2. Praying for you!!
    Marci Grimm

  3. Still praying:)
    In Him,
    Ed and Ruth

  4. We are with you in thought and prayer so often. Dave and Kara

  5. I was surprised when I went in to check your blog at how much had happened so quickly in the past week. We are praying for you and continue to pray and keep you in our hearts. May God provide and care for each of you.
    With much love and prayer,
    Karen (and Randy)