Saturday, June 15, 2013

Starting Zolinza

Lot's been going on in the last couple weeks.  I finally started on a new chemo drug on Thursday.  It took a while to sort things out and I had some blood work to do before I could start.  So far I have not gotten sick from it but I did not feel as energetic today.  The last couple weeks I have been feeling a little better and getting up earlier in the morning.  We hope that continues and this new med doesn't change that.

Last weekend we went to Indiana for the visitation and funeral of a friend who had cancer and two young kids.  We were both glad we went, as it was overall encouraging to us.  You probably think I'm nuts but it seemed more like a celebration of victory than a sad observance of death.  I think when it's a believer and we have had time to say our goodbyes, we can look at it more that way.  We met a number of people who we had never met before but knew of us because they had been praying for us.

This weekend we are in Kansas visiting friends.  The week after next we go to mayos again for routine scans and followup.

Thanks for your continued prayers.
Derek and Leann

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